Report Culture


The report contains a variety of data. Some of them are always presented in the same form, such as text, and appearance of other entries, for example a date and time, depend on the regional settings. By default, regional settings in the report correspond to the regional settings of the current culture in the operating system. If you want the data in the report be displayed the same way regardless the current culture in the operating system, you should apply a certain culture to this report. In order to apply the culture to the report, the report has the Culture property. In the field of the property, you should specify the code of the culture (the code format looks xx-XX, for example en-GB). After that, the report generator will set the specified culture for the application and appearance of rendered components will fit this culture. Below is an example of the same report with different cultures.





Note that the first column contains a text that does not depend on the report culture. The second is currency and the third is date-time columns. They depend on the culture. Therefore, when the culture is changed the data entry is changed too.


Notice: It is virtually impossible to remember all codes of cultures. Therefore, for convenience, in the filed of the Culture property you may find a drop down list with the list of cultures that are available in the operating system on the computer.


If necessary, the components be independent from the specified culture, i.e. displayed the same way regardless an applied report culture, this component should have specific parameters, i.e. to apply the formatting of the text component. For example, it is necessary to have the prices on goods be displayed always in the same format. Below is a report with different cultures.




As can be seen from the picture above, the price in this report depends on the culture applied to the report, which is not quite true. In order the price has always been fixed, set the currency USD for the column UnitPrice 2. Now, regardless of the culture report, the price in this column will always be the same.




As seen from the picture above, when applying the culture Russian (ru-RU), the currency of the second column is not changed while the first depends on the used culture.


Notice: If the selected report culture is not supported by the operating system, the current culture of the operating system will be applied.