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The video shows how to assign a style to the specific component. You will also learn how to work with the style designer.
This tutorial will show you how to insert a watermark to the report and use the image as a watermark.
A hyperlink is a reference to data that the reader can directly follow. See how hyperlinks can be applied in Stimulsoft Reports.
This video showcases the skills of working with zooming in the report viewer. Change zoom and page displaying modes easily.
This video demonstrates how to export the rendered report on the basis of saving to the PDF file. The lesson is a good may to improve skills in working with the report viewer.
This video demonstrates how to create a Drill-Down relations in which the basic and detail data is stored in different reports. The lesson is a good may to improve skills in working with the report designer.
The second part of the video shows creating the interactive report with tags. Add the third page in the report template, which will contain detail data presented as a simple list. Also the video shows basics of adding tags.
The first part of the video says about designing an interactive report with tags. This tutorial demonstrates the basics of creating the report with interaction, where the main and detail lists are represented as charts.
The second video tutorial on creating the drill-down report with the Chart components. The master list will be represented as the chart, and on the second page of the report template the detail data will be placed as a simple list.
The first video tutorial shows creating a drill-down report with a chart. Create a master list, put the Chart component that displays the detail data on the second page of the report template, enable the Drill-Down relations, specify relation parameters, preview the rendered interactive report.