3) We Know Much About Reports

Stimulsoft Company not only produces report generators, it really understands them.

The thing is that the company is not engaged in the development of many products and not trying to earn money for everything that is possible - only reporting and what is everything connected with it. Of course, for many years in this area, the developers of the company are real experts.

We know everything about reports. These are not mere buzzwords - it's a global experience. At this moment, the company knows all the pitfalls of this turbulent flow! And it's really turbulent, because many companies have already sunk, like a decrepit boat. The fact speaks for itself; Stimulsoft Reports is not just keeping its head above water but is one of the leaders the regatta.

Each of our report generators is shiny. In addition to stability in work, report writers Stimulsoft Reports are easy to handle. All products are optimized - after working with them, you feel like a high-speed car driver. You do not have to wait long processing when a particular action happens. You do not have to wait at all.

Speed, reliability, comfort and elegance - good quality isn’t it?

4) Taking Care of Customers

You are driving down the highway sitting in a new comfortable car. And then you realize that you still do not understand the purpose of a couple of buttons - what are they for or, exactly, how do they work. But don’t be panic and you know it. You simply call in to tech support, that’s all! No more efforts are required to be done. You will receive all the necessary information or, in the shortest time, a specialist will “come” to you and help you completely.

Convenient, isn’t it? And now go closer to the reality - if you have any questions regarding the report generators Stimulsoft Reports, write about them. Very soon, you will receive a detailed reply on the issue. Also Stimulsoft Reports has a huge knowledgebase, with examples, a forum for communication between users, and the blog. All that is needed to eliminate your discomfort. Any question finds its answer in a day.

The company's policy is very simple - do whatever is necessary to the client in the shortest possible time. No question should be remained unanswered! Questions are needed to answer them.

Let’s go back to the first example. You are sitting in your car and realize that it would be much easier if your seat be arranged a little differently. Lever would have a different shape, and also you know a lot of innovations in order to make the car perfect. And again you pick up the phone, dial a phone number, and express your thoughts and suggestions. Very soon you are delivered a new car with enhancements. One cannot believe that this is possible? Vainly!

The major update of report generators goes exactly according to suggestions of our customers. We consider all suggestions for improvement of reporting tools that can help you and other customers. All reasonable ideas find their implementations. And there is no need to wait for the next release, since these updates occur very often and can be found in weekly prerelease builds.