We are glad to announce the release of version 2009.3 of our products: Stimulsoft Reports.Net, Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web, Stimulsoft Reports.Web, and Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf. Stimulsoft Reports comes with a number of changes aimed at providing a better experience from using the product.

We've introduced numerous new features in our products including:
  • The Table component;
  • Super ToolTips;
  • Save images in assemblies sources;
  • Find previous function in the report viewer;
  • And great many other capabilities.

To see the full list of changes, please visit our site:
Changes of Stimulsoft Reports.Net v2009.3 are available here.
Changes of Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf v2009.3 are available at here.
Changes of Stimulsoft Reports.Web v2009.3 are available at here.
Changes of Stimulsoft Reports Designer.Web v2009.3 are available at here.
To download and evaluate the products new version please visit the download page.