Stimulsoft Ultimate 2020.2.1

Published on 05 February 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new option in the designer - ShowSystemFonts.
The Help menu in the File tab.
New maps - Europe with Russia, CAR.
Tolltips for describing variables in the Request from User panel.
Direct link to the dashboard page by its name, using the anchor in the URL.
All maps were completely redesigned. All patches are greatly simplified without loss of quality. Now maps load and render 3-5 times faster.
The new Variables menu item was added to the expression menu of dashboard elements.
The new ParametersPanelSortDataItems option was added to the viewer.
RegionMap. Support for zooming and moving the map in the preview.
The new DarkGreen style was added to the dashboards.
The new property StiOptions.Wpf.LoadThemeMode. Allows you to override the theme loading process in Wpf Designer/Viewer. In default mode, the main theme is loaded globally into the application, which could lead to a change in the themes of the basic WPF controls in the user application. .
Dashboards WPF. Some improvements in filters.
Dashboards WPF. Improvements in drill-down for charts.
The Sunburst chart.
The new style DarkGreen for dashboards elements.
Text input control to search in the data schema.
Support for variables in the DatePicker elements.
The XAxis.Visible and YAxis.Visible properties were added to the chart element.
Support for the package System.Data.DataSetExtensions in .NET Core components.
The new Waterfall chart.
Total labels for stacked charts.
The new method Stimulsoft.Base.StiFontCollection.setOpentypeFontsFolder.
The Data band now has the Line property. .
ConvertNulls for the Interpretation mode.


Updated maps - Europe, EU.
The default state of the ValueFormat property of the ChartElement was changed to a NumberFormat.
The process of interactive highlight of map parts has been redesigned. Now the highlight works instantly without delay.
Highlighting expressions in the designer.
Some improvements in the Variable Edit Form regarding working in the HiDPI mode.
Some improvements in retrieving parameter values during SQL data source viewing in the designer.
The Sort functionality was added to the chart element for pie and doughnut types.
Localized display of colors in the designer.
Old WPF themes for the correct displaying of controls were improved.
The expressions checker for dashboards was added.
The OAuth connection was added to Data.World.

Fixed Bugs:

Dashboards: The filter did not work when using timezone.
A bug with drill-down and nested sorting simultaneously.
An issue with the report rendering engine.
An error occurred while placing the Panel element on the dashboard mobile surface.
Clearing report event was not working properly. .
Some improvements in Math.round.
Sometimes minus was added to zero values.
Constant Lines and Strips on Log axis.
Displaying chart tooltips that include double-quoted text.
Some issues with null values in report variables.
Some issues with parsing an expression with spaces in column names.
Some issues with the text format menu in the designer.
Drawing buttons for sorting and displaying the title in the dashboard elements with a zoom of more than 100%.
Calculation Indicator with negative values.
Interactions for stacked bar series.
Filter overlay issue when selected in charts, if Argument and Series fields are specified.
Rendering Radar Series values.
Some corrections of the location of the element in the dashboard viewer.
Formatting a date on a chart element breaks filtering.
Cross-tab style names were corrected.
The ValueFormat property of the Chart element - set default value to Number.
Applying filters for multi-selection of elements in charts.
The issue with a minimal value of the command time out property in the data source editor.
An issue with submitting parameters with a datetime type in the WinForms viewer.
Some issues with dashboard editor forms in the MDI form mode.
Small issue with drawing the title switcher in the designer.
Some issues with the behaviour of the ValueFormat property of the Chart element.
An incorrect saving of the Show Code Tab property of the designer.
The export to PDF in JDK 11.
Hotkeys Command+C/Command+V in the designer for macOS.
Transparent colors for TableElement and ChartElement.
A bug with connection string in OData.
Scrolling to Propgress, Indicators and Gauges elements was added.
Some improvements regarding saving to the undo-redo buffer after drag-drop operations.
Tables text was misplaced.
Error while Copying Databand on the designer.
When using HTML tags, sometimes the maximum font size per line was incorrectly determined.
With a certain structure of a business object, nested business objects could loop.
When compiling a report, char escaping in string is now correctly processed.
Import.Rtf - null reference on some files.
Export to MS-Word. Improved support for segmented pages.
Export to PowerPoint. The background color now works.
Issue with Request parameters.
Issue with variables in WebViewer.
The problem when opening some wizards.
A bug that occurs when checking an incorrect expression in a text editor.
Style Designer. The events of some buttons were disabled.
When changing one value of the Margins property (for example Left) in StiText, this Margin was applied to all StiText in the report.
Dashboards WPF. Pivot content shifted down when a filter was applied.
Designer. The problem with incorrect recovering of dockable panels in the designer after changing the default position.
Dbs Pivot. An incorrect list of available functions for Dimension was displayed.
A bug occurred when accessing RibbonToolbox from old themes.
The incorrect creation of a calculated column in the dashboards was fixed.
Some issues with table filtering and sorting in the designer.
A bug with copy/paste of band components in the designer.
Checking variable expressions with not specific symbols.
The the letters in the table cells were truncated.
Support for opacity in the Watermark image.
The Cross-Tab header with the expression value.
Some issues with the ShowToolbar option and the Fullscreen mode of the dashboard viewer.
A new Total type of a series labels added for the Stacked Chart of the chart element.
RightToLeft text option.
Alignment in PivotTable.
Drop-down filters in the mobile surface did not appear.
Issues with predefined date ranges in the DatePicker element.
A bug with multilevel drill-down.
Data band filter expression !=.
Loading barcodes from XML MRT.
Some improvements in the data engine.
Some changes in the global stimulsoft property. .
An issue with the CSV loader.
An issue with loading events on a page.
An issue with rendering reports.
An issue with the beginrender event in a report.
The incorrect creation of a calculated column in dashboards.
An issue with incorrect saving of the pictorial chart.
The issue with the correct clearing of the rendered page.
If the data source had an alias other than the name, then the engine tried to find the date source by the alias first and then by name. Now the order is changed.
Disabling log on trying to convert to datetime. .
Additional support for variables was added.
Engine: Incorrect rendering when using the ColumnsOnDataBand property.
An issue with loading a variable.
Old mrt files saved date in another format.
An issue with the parentStyle.
An issue with retrieving data, if a column was not found.
Issues with loading XML MRT. .
An issue with showing an error.
Some issues with transport exceptions from the engine.
An issue with conditions from XML MRT.
An issue with loading bar-codes from XML MRT.
An issue with loading data relation in old XML MRT.
An issue with loaing data source in old XML MRT.
Some changes of the data analysis engine.
Some improvements in Math.round.
An issue with localizeReport.
Some issues with Data source relations.
Charts were incorrectly saved in the MDC file.
The ReportIcon and ReportImage properties are now correctly loaded and saved. .
An issue with the ToProperCase function.
Some issues with the QuickBooks data adapter.
Time was not considered in Between filters for SQL databases.