Stimulsoft Ultimate 2017.2.4

Published on 17 November 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Designer Wpf V2. In the form of editing the data, there was no focus on opening.
All designers. In the data dictionary, the Settings button has been added, in which some commands for setting up this panel have been transferred.
The BreakIfLessThan property in WebDesigner.
A new RouteTemplate property for the NetCore viewer.
Options. appearance.showReportTree and appearance.showPropertiesGrid.
Transferring, in onBeginProcess(), the name of the connection and the name of the date when the data is received.
The onGetReport event for the viewer.
The Show More button to the dictionary in the designer.
In the designer, notifications for users are added.


The custom font list in WebDesigner.
Markers in the legend for charts.

Fixed Bugs:

Designer V2. An error occurred when opening and sending some reports as a parameter.
StiSettings. Redesigned Save/Load methods so that there are no problems with simultaneous access to a file from several applications.
Setup. If an error occurs during the installation, now not only the error appears but it is also a hyperlink to open the file with a description of the error.
Designer Wpf/V2. When the designer was added as a control but not as the designer.exe, some controls were not displayed in the color selection form (there were no themes for them).
All designers (WinForms, Wpf). Redesigned the visual appearance of the ComboBox selection of components in the Property panel.
All designers. In the Property panel the Settings button with a convenient set of commands was added.
The String Format and Replace methods.
The Undo function in the WebDesigner.
The report checker in the WebDesigner.
Designer WinForms. When changing localization, some elements were not localized.
Viewer (WinForms, WPF, WPF V2). The last save mode was not saved.
A bug with loading MDC Json containing a chart with StiTreemapSeries.
When saving the report to MDC, the value of PreviewSettings was not saved.
Viewer.exe did not remember the folder of the last open report.
Loading data from URL in the NET Core components.
The PassQueryParametersToReport option for the MvcViewer component.
The extra splitter on the HTML5 viewer panel.
A bug with parameters names "Year", "Month" and others.
When copying with the CTRL button, the band was not placed to the allowed position, but remained in the middle of the page.
JSON database relations.
WebDesigner. The number format service.
Parser 'cast' operation.
A bug with the DateTime.Step property in the chart.
Bugs with title.alignment, labels.textAlignment, title.direction in charts.
Localization values of the Publish dialog items.
Rendering of column fields in the cross-tab in some cases.
Incorrect average function calculating with integer types in the cross-tab.
Some bugs with HTML tags in the cross-tab in WPF.
Auto-name in the forms Data Source Edit Form.
Saving diagrams in json mdc.
The Trial status for the 2003 theme.
The locked component could be moved along with the unlocked component.
The behavior of the ShowCloseButton property in StiRibbonViewerControl.
Some issues with the Cross-Tab component and the UnlimitedBreakable property of the page.
A bug with custom functions in the designer.