Stimulsoft Ultimate 2017.1.2

Published on 05 May 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new properties for StiSystemRichTextEditorForm - StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowDataColumnTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageDataTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowImageURLTabPage StiOptions.Designer.Editors.SystemRichTextEditor.ShowFileTabPage.
Update function is added to the user account menu.
The fixed table header in the view data in the Designer.
Progress and timeout to view data command in the DesignerJS.


Supporting demo data in the designer applications for JS and FLEX.
Themes settings are moved to the options form in the DesignerJS.exe.
Redesigned Style in DesignerV2.
HTML preview is always visible in the report designer.
The Flash preview will be available in the WinForms Report Designer if Stimulsoft.Report.Design.WebViewer.dll is present.

Fixed Bugs:

Showing Radar Series, if there are more then 1.
Empty and null DateTime were displayed as the current time. Now it is empty.
A bug with the column name when creating a data source from other data sources.
When switching the theme in the Designer V2, the Dictionary-Properties-ReportTree panels were lost.
Designer V2. Adding "{}" when dragging the Group Header from the dictionary to the editor.
The double click did not work for the dictionary to add data to the Group Header Band editor.
A bug with the subReportUrl property in the Sub-Report component.
Designer V2. The title of the designer window was not displayed correctly.
Changed SDK version on nwjs v0.22.0.
An incorrect icon in the toolbar of the designer.
Transferring a picture from the images folder to a script.
The Format function incorrectly formatted numbers of the BigDecimal type.
A bug with offset primitive lines on 1px in the Designer.
An expression with a function was not calculated if the name of this function was the same as the name of any component.
A bug with bookmark labels in the viewer.
A bug with dots/lines grid modes in the Designer.
The encrypted report template was not saved correctly.
Export to HTML. The simultaneous underline and strikeout options for the text did not work.
Export to PDF. Underline and strikeout options for the text did not work.
Export to SVG. Text strikeout.
Some fixes in drawing styles in the report designer.
Images of the wizards are adopted for the 4k resolution.
DesignerV2. When switching to the Preview tab, this tab was not highlighted until the rendering of the report was finished.
When copying components from DesignerV2 to other designers, components were inserted with incorrect sizes.
DesignerV2. The Get Style command from Selected Components did not work in the style editor.
DesignerV2. When switching the component style to Ribbon, displaying the component was not redrawn automatically.
DesignerV2. In the Ribbon MainMenu, the file icons in the Recent File were cut.
An error occurred while processing the @@ operator in SQL queries.
A bug with the license text in the DesignerJS.exe.
DesignerV2. When going to the Preview tab, one can see a balloon with information about the errors if they occurred while rendering.
A bug with not correct values of the autoWidth property in the property grid of the Designer.
When opening the DesignerV2, RecentFiles is updated every time you show it so that you can always see all the recent savings.
The nodejs version did not work.
A bug with getting images from the gallery in the Designer JS.
A bug with Session timeout in the DesignerJS.exe.
JS Preview in the report designer now can work with local files.