Stimulsoft Ultimate 2017.1.11

Published on 17 August 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Support for moving items in the dictionary in the WebDesigner.
The SaveReportMode and SaveReportAsMode properties for the WebDesigner allow you to select one of the three modes of the report template save event.
The new mode of showing a report in the WebViewer (ViewMode = Continuous).
The new Page tab in the toolbar of the WebDesigner.
The Container select form to clone a component in the WebDesigner.
The new CustomCss property for the WebViewer allows you to set the URL for your CSS style.
The new mode of displaying the WebViewer button toolbar - ToolbarDisplayMode: Simple, Separated.
The new mode of displaying the panel of variables requested by the user in the WebViewer - ParametersPanelPosition: Top, Left.
The Drill-down from of the external report file for the WebViewer.
The fixed table header in the view data in the WebDesigner.
The primitive lines and rectangles to the WebDesigner.
The ShowQuietZones property to BarCode in the WebDesigner.
Support for resizing two or more components (multiresize) in WebDesigner.
The setup toolbox to the WebDesigner.
Displaying positions of component in the status bar in the WebDesigner.
Errors and warnings in the report in WebDesigner.
The properties - "unlimitedHeight" & "unlimitedBreakable" - to the page in the designer.
The vertical alignment to overlay a band in the designer.
Viewer.exe can load reports which are specified in the command of arguments.
StiOptions.Designer.Editors.allowConnectToDataInGallery in the designer.
New static option StiOptions.Engine.AllowAssignEmptyStringInCondition, for backward compatibility with 2016.2.
DesignerV1 WPF, DesignerV2 WPF. Support for the icons for the data dictionary in 4K resolution for the Office 2013 theme.
The topmost property for the border in the WebDesigner.
Permissions for SQL parameters in the WebDesigner.
Help links to some forms in the WebDesigner.


The new static property - StiOptions.Designer.Editors.AllowConnectToDataInGallery.
In interpretation mode, the Choose function now can take up to 14 parameters.

Fixed Bugs:

Gauge rendering with MinValue values greater than 1.
The Gantt series crash, if the ReverseVertical property was set to true.
A bug, if properties RequestParameters = true and CalculationMode = Interpretation.
A bug with PermissionDataConnections and PermissionDataSources in the designer.
When changing the additional properties of the bar-code, the picture was updated only after switching the tabs.
Width of the Range Bar if the number of series is more than one.
Creating columns with unique names in the Edit Data Source form.
A bug with values of expression controls in the designer.
Displaying properties when AllowApplyStyle is changed.
Dialog forms. Exception in GridControl when selecting DataSource.
Exception occured, if the DataSet.readJson() method was passed as an empty string parameter.
Exception on loading mrt/json files with BOM.
Some memory leaks in the image editor.
Some memory leaks in the rich text editor.
A bug with loading cross components in the designer.
Clear results of previous report compilation before the new report preview in the report designer.
A problem with using DataColumn with the "params" name which is equal to c# keyword.
Parent element is checked/unchecked when the column is checked/unchecked in the database schema wizard.
Some problems with correct data node selection in the report dictionary.
Incorrect image specification in the import database wizard.
Correct naming of new connections in the report dictionary.
Set focus to the query textbox after 'edit data source form' is loaded.
Image file locking in the report designer after loading it to the report.
The Image component now supports the SVG format.
PDF printing did not work in the Firefox browser.
Export to RTF. "Hyperlink used Bookmarks" did not work.
An error occured, if the event code hd one line and did not end with ";".
Textboxes with TextQuality = Wysiwyg were exported incorrectly, if the ClearType option was enabled in the system.
Engine. In the interpretation mode, filters could not work, if the DataSource name contained spaces or dots.
Convert.ToDateTime() now works correctly.
Engine. Filters did not work if the DataSource name contained spaces or dots.
A parallel line in the line chart.
Incorrect definition of the license type when exporting to the Image format.
Exception when checking the syntax of expressions that contain 'null'.
If there is an array of simple elements in the loaded JSON (row number bool), then this array was unloaded.
When loading JSON, relations were broken. The issue was in in big and small letters in JSON.
JSON and the relationId of nested objects were incorrectly considered for an nesting level greater than three.
The dependent variable was not cleared if the new value of the main variable was selected.
Cross-tab. The Summary cells had the incorrectly working HideZeros property when the string type was set to string.
The designer for Mac is now working. The designer for Mac is going to Mac OS.
The designer for Mac now supports localization.
The designer for Linux is built on the Linux platform.
For some types of business objects, the Count property was counted in one less.
Convert JSON array to the data source with simple types of values.
The DaysInMonth function now works correctly.
The BreakIfTrue flag for MultiLevel Condition was not saved in the report template.
Exception on opening a report in which RectanglePrimitive had lost start/end points.
Engine. Memory leaks are fixed in dataSources when functions that change the state of dataSources are working.
Data with some date and time formats in Flash components were incorrectly read.
Issue with the @ symbol in DB queries.
It crashed if to use in association with ractive.js.
WebViewer parameter error.
Displaying chart labels.
The controls from the MDC xml were incorrectly loaded.
Some properties of rendered charts for MDC JSON were not saved or loaded.
V2. Primitives and cross-primitives were not deleted from the page in the template.
Correct displaying of export forms when using the Owner Form property TopMost = true.
Position Other values in Bar series.
V2. Events in the PropertyGrid for Series are added.
When saving to WPF, V2 designer did not change the name of the Report File in the header.
Numder formatting.
The CustomCss property for MVC HTML5 Viewer.