Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2012.2.1400

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new chart style is added – Style 21.
New function is added – ToOrdinal.
The new property is added to AreaSeries – TopmostLine.
The new property XAxis.DateTimeStep
New property is added TopN to Series
The new type of chart series is added – Candlestick.
The new type of chart series is added – Funnel.
The new type of chart series is added – Range Bar.
The new type of chart series is added – Spline Range.
The new type of chart series is added – Stock.
Now export to the RTF format supports PNG image format
Teradata adapter is added
Export to PDF now can get the digital signature from the PDF export settings class
Now WPF report designer support WCF
The CheckBox component is supported in style collection
UL and OL html tags are now supported
Import from ComponentOne reports is added
WCF support in WPF version of our components
Now you can use trend lines in charts. The chart engine supports three types of trend lines: Linear, Exponential, Logarithmic
Logarithmic scale for the Scatter area
AxisLabels.RotationLabels property is added


Some improvements in text drawing
Report generation speed optimization in some cases
Some changes in drawing bar-codes under medium trust
Some changes in export to the Word 2007 and the RTF format
Some changes in exporting text trimming in pdf format
Some changes in report wizards
Some changes in the export to the PDF format
Speed Up of the dictionary tree in the WPF report designer
The SeriesLabels.ValueType property of chart is updated
Some corrections in chart drawing
Some corrections of exporting hyperlinks to the RichText/Word 2007 formats
Import from Telerik reports is improved
Some optimization in drawing line series
WPF version of our components converted to .NET 4 Framework
Some improvements in export to html format
Some speed optimization in report rendering in WPF

Fixed Bugs:

Some bugs with legend drawing in radar chart
Some problems with exporting page headers and footers to Word 2007
Bug with series colors
Some changes in export to HTML
Some bugs with printing under WPF
Some changes in export to RTF
Some changes in export to Word2007
Some problems with printing from WPF Browser Application
Some bugs in export to RTF and Word2007
Some bugs with static images in drill-down reports
Some bugs in the export to RTF of the HTML tags
Some bugs with the AdvancedBorder and Topmost properties
Some bugs in WPF with drawing markers in charts
Some bugs with aliases in expressions
Some issues with drawing null values in pie and doughnut charts
Some bugs with the CutPieList property in Pie Series
Some bugs with Bubble и Scatter series.
Some issues with paragraphs in the export to RTF and Word 2007 formats
Some bugs with calculated columns in interpretation mode
Some bugs with charts drawing
Some bugs with conditions at chart series
Some bugs with drawing axis in charts
Some bugs with drawing RichText component
Some bugs with drawing StackedBar series
Some bugs with export to Excel
Some bugs with export to pdf – bidi mark symbols.
Some bugs with export to the CSV format
Some bugs with filters and business objects
Some bugs with the Table component in Master-Detail reports
Some bugs with html tag ‘p’.
Some bugs with the ToWordsEs function
Some bugs with interpretation mode and preview in report designer