Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2013.3.1800

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A dialog box to insert parameters of sending e-mail - Email, Subject, Message in the Flash Viewer and Designer
The new option ShowEmailDialog to disable a dialogue to input parameters of sending Email
The option Bands Filter in the settings menu of the export to CSV
New chart in the category Funnel
The new option AutoPageScale. It allows disabling autoscale of the report by the page size when printing in the Flash report viewer


The new module to send Email. Ability to send emails via SMTP
The values is set by default to 100 for the ImageResolition parameter for exports in the Flash report designer
The message "Compiling Report" is replaced on more appropriate "Rendering Report" in the Flash designer and viewer

Fixed Bugs:

Incorrect printing pages with segments of the Flash Viewer
The problem with caching a Flash applications by a web browser when upgrading to a new version of the product
An issue with calculated columns in Charts
Issues when rendering large images with center alignment in the Flash Designer
Optional formatting of the field for selecting date in filters in the Flash Designer
In some cases when exporting a report incorrect file extension could be applied
Some minor issues with Chart Autoseries
Improved reading data when having nested tables in the XML file
The problem with the width of the drop-down list when having long string values ​​of an item list in the Flash Desginer and Viewer
Improvements in working with conditions in the Cross-tab
By default, the first value from the list of editable variable was not selected
A problem with displaying error when saving a report file on the server side
File associations .mrt of the report template for the designer
An error with displaying the text in the tips of the interface elements in the Flash report designer and Flash report viewer
An error with update of several properties in the Property Grid for the Flash report designer
Issue with the Hide Zeros property
Issues when printing small sized pages in the Flash report viewer
An issue when rotating bar-codes in the Flash report designer
Error when performing the CSV export of a report