Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2012.2.1400

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The new function ToOrdinal(int)
The ShrinkFontToFit property for text components
The ShrinkFontToFitMinimumSize property for text components
Drill-Down (detailed reports)
Text rotation in diagrams
The ability to change the ID of the report when you save a new report
The desktop AIR applications are now signed with the certificate
The functions for date and time: AddYears(), AddMonths(), AddDays(), AddHours(), AddMinutes(), AddSeconds(), AddMilliseconds()
Loading the list of variable values from the specified data source

Fixed Bugs:

A bug in the Standard Report Wizard
A bug when calculating the variable that is initialized with an expression that is requested by the user
A bug when the text is justified in the WYSYWYG mode using HTML tags
A bug with justifying in the Cross-Tab Summary fields
Calculated columns worked incorrectly in the data sources
A bug with the AdvancedBorder
Some bugs in the CurrencyToWord functions
The state of the Assign Expression property in multi-level conditions was not saved
Error when sorting, given by the expression editor
The background filling offset in relation to the text when using the HTML tag background-color
Filters and sorting in some cases were not applied in the Report Wizard
An error when changing the parameters of the report globalization
Improve the performance of the ToWordsEs functions
Improved export to the CSV format
Improved PDF export with the National Asian fonts
When creating a variable of the DateTime type the current date by default was not set
An error when opening a report in the report viewer with charts which style was modified
When using variables with a list of values from the database the old data could be displayed
An error when saving a new report
An error when saving some of the styles of the components
In some cases, the date was reset to 01/01/1970 when inputting a value of a report variable
The fractional values using CurrencyToWord were not displayed
Invalid encoding when receiving data containing international characters
An error with the Use one PageHeader/PageFooter property when exporting to Excel
Query parameters for Drill-Down report pages were not applied