Stimulsoft Reports.PHP 2012.1.1300

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Displaying the page using the properties of the Large Page property in the report designing mode
Ability to copy Report Checker messages to the clipboard
Ability to display the order of the components of the report in report designing mode
Ability to hide the header bands in the report designing mode
An error message when synchronizing the XML data source
The Custom Format is expanded
A new ShiftMode property for report components

Fixed Bugs:

Recognition as {.} And {,} to separate fractional number
A bug with showing large fonts in the Style Editor
A bug with the Request from User report variables
Full support for expressions in the report variables
Improved Column Header and Column Footer Bands
An error when deleting a variable that is in the category
Improved expression parser
Improved text formatting Custom Format
An error when editing the Conditions of the Property Grid
Wrong font size by using the HTML tag Font
In some cases, the text was displayed incorrectly in the expression provided in the report designer
Missed location description of the properties in the Properties pane