Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2011.3.1200

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

New functions are added: ToWordsPt and ToCurrencyWordsPt
New static events StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.ReportPrintingPage and StiOptions.Engine.GlobalEvents.ReportPrintedPage are added
New static property is added - StiOptions.Export.Excel.AllowExportFootersInDataOnlyMode
The Quick Button is added for selecting image data column in the Image Component
The AllowUserBorderSidesFromLocation property is added to the style
Now WebViewer fully supports report parameters
Expressions in Chart Filters
The WebViewer component is fully redesigned!
HierarchicalBand now can work with business objects
The Conditions property is added to SeriesLabels of the Chart component
A new property is added to DataBand: Interaction.SelectionEnabled
The export to PDF format now supports Editable check boxes
A new static property StiOptions.Engine.ForceNormalizeEndOfLineSymbols is added
New buttons are available in Globalization Editor: Set Culture and Get Culture
Properties description and a report checker is now localized in German


Some improvements in the export to Excel 2007 format
Some changes in the export to HTML
Some improvements in the Right to Left mode for text rendering
Some improvements in the table component
Some changes with exporting lines to the PDF format
Some speed improvements of the lexer class
Some improvements in Import.Rdl tool
Some improvements in importing reports from Active Reports

Fixed Bugs:

Some troubles with selecting table cell in the report designer
A bug with filteration and sorting in business objects
Some changes in the chart legend drawing
A problem with datasources with big number of columns (> 1000)
Some bugs with sorting of group with summaries
Some bugs in the export to PDF with javascript in hyperlinks
Some bugs with text rendering on systems with high dpi resolution
A problem with the StartFromZero property in the Chart component
Some bugs with the Cross-Tab designer
Some bugs with the Function Parser
Some bugs with the Hyperlink property and the CrossTab component
Some bugs with the Master-Detail wizard
Some bugs with dynamic filters in SQL
Some bugs with exporting an advanced border to the Power Point 2007 format
Some bugs with the Save Copy function
Some bugs with exporting text components with bookmarks to the PDF format
Some bugs with exporting text components with the AllowHtmlTags property to the Word 2007 format
Some bugs with the StartFromZero property of the chart component
Some bugs with the wizard is fixed