Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2019.2.1

Published on 13 February 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The TextInCells component.
The Pareto chart.

Fixed Bugs:

The error occurred with local library paths when project was published.
Bugs with showing a watermark before and behind text.
The BindingVariable property now only works if the DependingValue check box was checked.
Filters did not work if any methods were used in the expression.
MultiCondition was not loaded from the template in th XML format.
PrintIfEmpty did not work correctly when having nested bands in reports.
In the filter, the "is not null" check did not work correctly for the number.
The ExcelSheet property was not saved and did not work.
Export to Word. When the AllowHtmlTags property was enabled, the cell background was not applied.
When formatting DateTime, the formats y, Y, s, u, m, M now work correctly.
Displaying data as a date by the Y axis in charts.
The StiClone component did not work.
The Totals.CountAllLevels function did not work.
The SumTime function did not work.
The background color of the chart when exporting to Excel.
Engine. In some cases, when using StiTable, GroupHeaders did not work correctly.
The Contains method did not workfor variables of type List.
Bookmarks worked incorrectly on the first page of the report if there were bookmarks with the same names on other pages.