Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2017.1.11

Published on 17 August 2017
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The properties - "unlimitedHeight" & "unlimitedBreakable" - to the page in the designer.
The vertical alignment to overlay a band in the designer.
Viewer.exe can load reports which are specified in the command of arguments.
StiOptions.Designer.Editors.allowConnectToDataInGallery in the designer.

Fixed Bugs:

A bug with PermissionDataConnections and PermissionDataSources in the designer.
A bug with values of expression controls in the designer.
Exception occured, if the DataSet.readJson() method was passed as an empty string parameter.
A bug with loading cross components in the designer.
An error occured, if the event code hd one line and did not end with ";".
Convert.ToDateTime() now works correctly.
Engine. Filters did not work if the DataSource name contained spaces or dots.
A parallel line in the line chart.
If there is an array of simple elements in the loaded JSON (row number bool), then this array was unloaded.
When loading JSON, relations were broken. The issue was in in big and small letters in JSON.
JSON and the relationId of nested objects were incorrectly considered for an nesting level greater than three.
The dependent variable was not cleared if the new value of the main variable was selected.
The designer for Mac is now working. The designer for Mac is going to Mac OS.
The designer for Mac now supports localization.
The designer for Linux is built on the Linux platform.
The DaysInMonth function now works correctly.
Exception on opening a report in which RectanglePrimitive had lost start/end points.
It crashed if to use in association with ractive.js.
The controls from the MDC xml were incorrectly loaded.
Some properties of rendered charts for MDC JSON were not saved or loaded.
Position Other values in Bar series.