Stimulsoft Reports.Java 2013.1.1600

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The option ShowActionsMenu
AJAX WebViewer uses the Java Engine
Four new styles of Charts
The function Func.EngineHelper.JoinColumnContent(dataSource: StiDataSource, columnName: String, delimiter: String)
The function for the List Variables ToQueryString(quotationMark: String = null, dateTimeFormat: String = null)
The function Func.EngineHelper.ToQueryString(list: List, quotationMark: String, dateTimeFormat: String)


UI of the Flash Designer is slightly changed
Now the Style25 is set by default

Fixed Bugs:

A bug when exporting to PDF, if the document contains more than 255 different symbols + a rounded bracket
A problem with hanging the report viewer/designer when rendering large reports, for which is taken more than one minute
Added data types in the interaction with the database
An error of the HTML export when working with large images
An error processing data when zero values in the database
An error when calling the editor of the series using the Property Grid
An error when copying charts to the clipboard
Improved communication with the server part when creating reports using the Flex Engine
In some cases incorrect specifying the data column in filters and expressions
An error when saving custom styles in charts
Added finctions: Func.EngineHelper.JoinColumnContent, Func.EngineHelper.ToQueryString, for the List: ToQueryString
Incorrect displaying Round Rectangle Shape in small sizes
Negative data in Pie and Dounut charts
An error with tooltips in WebViewerFx
Incorrect rendering charts using AutoSeries (Flex Engine)
An error when using Totals in Master-Detail reports with grouping
A problem with the placing components on the band margines in the Flash Designer
Improved export of tabs symbols to PDF