Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2020.2.2

Published on 16 March 2020
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

Custom Map Editor.
The Visible property for YAxis and XAxis in Chart.
The Step property for Chart Labels.
Embed all data to resources.
Hyperlinks in dashboard text elements.


Using alias in the table element of dashboards.
Show report properties by groups.
Change colors for RegionMap.
The Connections form was redesinged.
Work with the dictionary with cursor keys.
Redesigned maps menu in the designer.
Improved rendering of Indicator and Gauge elements when using Font with a large Size value.

Fixed Bugs:

Some issues with using data columns with different Name and NameInSource properties in the dashboards.
Some issues with the Embed All Data function when data was not available.
String value support for Values in Conditions.
Labels positions for waterfall and sunburst series.
Drawing indicators for HiDPI monitors.
Issues with drawing Radar Series.
Tooltip for Pictorials and Doughnut series.
A bug with StiPanelElement in the mobile mode of the designer.
A problem with big sizes of cookies.
A bug with filters of null values.
A bug with drag & drop image to dashboard from resources.