We are pleased to announce support for WCF Server in Stimulsoft Reports.Silverlight. With this feature, the features which were not available in pure Silverlight, and were available in the Client/Server side, became available in pure Silverlight using WCF server. Also, customers may themselves implement a server on its own, since we have opened all the necessary methods for this and added the necessary events. We have made some improvements and fixes:
1. Support of Interactions is added;
2. The code is simplified. Now the result in the form of an encrypted string is passed to the report generator, and it applies the necessary changes without user intervention.
3. Support of MSAccessAdapter is added;
4. We have implemented some enhancements with getting columns of database tables, which names contain special characters.
Examples of using WCF server can be downloaded here.
This feature is already included and available for evaluation in the prerelease build of the product from January 11, 2011. The prerelease build can be downloaded here.