Stimulsoft Reports.Wpf 2011.2.1100

Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A new type of chart is added. This is a Bubble chart
New series labels type are added. These are Left, Value, Right
New static property is added -StiOptions.Print.FindCustomPaperSizeInStandardPaperSizes
New types of charts are added. These are Radar Point, Radar Line and Radar Area
DHS currency now supported in ToCurrencyWords function
Now Oracle ODP provider supports RefCursor
Support of Google Docs in WPF reports designer
A StiReport.LocalizeReport method is added
A Value Tag is added to the SeriesLabels.LegendValueType property
Now the chart style is used for Constant lines and Strips
TextBefore and TextAfter properties is added to the Radar Axis title
The Strips.ShowBehind property is added
A new function is added: ToWordsFa
The AllowApplyStyle property is added to all elements of chart
Ability to save a copy of any element of the report dictionary
The Border.Topmost property is added
GoogleDocs storing is available now in all report designers
A new report.Dictionary.RemoveUnusedDataSourcesV2 method is added
The FilterEngine property is added to the DataBand
The Find Next function is added to Report Tree
A new static property is added - StiOptions.Designer.AllowUseHighlightWizard
A new static property is added - StiOptions.Designer.AllowUsePlacementWizard
A new static property is added - StiOptions.Engine.UseRoundForToCurrencyWordsFunctions
The Interaction for all types of series in charts


Some changes in an export to the HTML format
Some improvements in the Crystal import tool
Some changes in EngineV2
Some improvements in the export to HTML
Choose and Switch functions now work in the interpretation mode
Some changes in the export the PDF format
Some changes in the export to PDF format: work with text trimming
SpeedUp optimization in report designer for nested components
The Range engine in Charts is fully redesigned
The Series Editor is redesigned
Some changes with the EndRender event of report
Some corrections in the Import.ActiveReports tool
Some optimizations of an export to the Excel/Excel 2007 format

Fixed Bugs:

Some bugs with measuring text in WPF on the second report rendering pass
Some bugs with viewing Business Objects
Some bugs with virtual data sources
Some bugs with new report variable creation
A bug when working with chart styles
Bug with the EmptyValue property in the Cross Tab component
Some bugs with printing in WPF on network printers
Small bugs with exports and indicators
Bugs in min module in Barcode Code39 and Code93
Some bugs with printing to OneNote
Some bugs with report cache mode in some cases
Some bugs in function XML parser
Some bugs in OpenPage method in report designer
Some bugs in Report Checker
Some changes in page breaking engine
Some troubles with the Median function
A bug with rotated barcodes
Some bugs with Rich Text components exporting to the Word 2007 format
A bug with Series Labels selection in some cases
Some bugs in the DBF adapter
Some bugs in the export services
Some changes in the export to the Power Point format
Some bugs in the export to HTML in the ReportCacheMode
Some bugs in the function parser
Some bugs in the HideZeros property processing
Some bugs with the AssignExpression property in a condition
Some changes with groups and sortings
Some bugs with the business objects
Some correction in the bar-code Code128Auto
Some bugs with the ChildBand
Some issues with big charts and the report engine
Some bugs with advanced border drawing
Some bugs with an export to PDF in multithreading
Some bugs with big images
Some bugs with bookmarks
Errors with scrolling names of properties in the Properties panel
Some bugs with the ExcelDataValue and AssignExpression option
Some bugs with the ExcelValue property
Some bugs with chart drawing
Some bugs with the export to Excel
Some bugs with the export to PDF and glass brush
Some bugs with container size calculation
Some issues with the function parser and the cSumIf function
Some bugs with dialog forms and interaction in the WPF Viewer
The cursor was not placed on the required position in case of an error of report compilation
Some bugs with drawing a zipcode component
Some bugs with the OleDB connection builder and localization
When using the Report Wizard, the system variable {ReportName} will be used as a title
In some cases, when loading a report, wrong page sizes were set
Some problems with the variable editor form
Some bugs with exporting formulas to the Excel 2007 format
Some problems with using the Strikeout font style in conditions
Some bugs with exporting of rotated images
Some bugs with exporting to the HTML format
Some bugs with the Send Email function
An error with chart filters
An error with Data from Other Data Source
Some small bugs in the DotMatrix mode
The Image Rotation property did not work for images
An error with Drill-Down in the Pie Chart
Problem with the Scatter Chart in some cases
Some bugs with the StiDictionary class
Some problems with business objects binding in dialogs
An error with the Custom Chart Style
Some bugs with the text size calculation which are placed in static bands
Some bugs with HTML Tags exporting to the Word 2007 format
Some bugs with the ToolTip in the Report Checker
Some bugs with the ValueEnd expression of Gantt series
Some bugs with interactions and the EngineV1
Some bugs with interpretation and component conditions