Stimulsoft Reports.JS 2020.1.1

Veröffentlicht am 19. Dezember 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

A new Target Mode property that specifies the Percentage or Variation display for the Indicator.
Export to ODT format.
The new ReportImage property of the Report.
The new France18Regions and FranceDepartments maps.
Some DateTime methods: add quart, add month, and etc.
The new JSON converter parameter tryParseDateTime=false.


Update all maps.
Move to TypeScript 3.7 source code.

Fixed Bugs:

Show Nulls and Zero properties for the Chart Series.
Correct displaying of charts with negative values.
Culture was not applied to date formatting.
The dependent variables were stuck.
The error occurred in the console if band headers are hidden.
NaN in the calendar in some cases.
Get data if cell is null.
Convert null number to "null".
Show error occurred if there was no connection to the database.
Set the background color to white on convert image with transparent or black background.
Load aesjs to non Node.js caused crash on some browsers.
Changed bluebirds to polyfill promise.