Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2020.3

Veröffentlicht am 11. Juni 2020
Neue Möglichkeiten
1.The new option - ShowOpenAfterExport. 
2.Theme settings form. 
3.Groups are added to the New DataSource form. 
4.The new option NewReport that manages data from the previous report in a new one. 
5.ShowNulls and ShowZeros properties in the Chart element. 
6.MinimumColor and MaximumColor properties to the Table element. 
7.The new system variables - Line, LineABC, LineRoman. 
8.The ReplyTo functionality in StiEmailOptions. 
9.New properties - Axis.StartFromZero, Axis.ShowEdgeValues, Axis.Range. 
10.The Histogram chart. 
11.The new properties - ХAxis, YRightAxis for the Chart element. 
12.The new map - Asia. 

1.Designer. The new resizing corner icons of components for the Touch mode. 
2.Web viewer, designer. Some icons were replaced on new ones.  2020.3.2
3.Visibility of headers when the table element does have data is enabled.  2020.3.2
4.The priority of the Percent of Total property to display over the Value Format property of the chart. 
5.A tooltip for the Gantt chart. 

Behobene Fehler
1.Some issues with touch events. 
2.The names of some countries were output farther then their location. 
3.SOme issues with the iPad pencil. 
4.The wrong report name "comes" from the wizard. 
5.A bug with range timespan variables. 
6.Filters did not work when the data compression option was enabled. 
7.A bug with drag-drop componets, if cache helper was activated. 
8.Some problems with Drill-down on multi levels. 
9.The incorrect cloning of the Gauge element.  2020.3.2
10.Some issues with SummaryType in the Table element.  2020.3.2
11.TopN for Stacked Series. 
12.Setting chart properties X Top, Y Right. 
13.Online map. The back color was not considered. 
14.Incorrect maps names.