Stimulsoft Dashboards.WEB 2019.2.1

Veröffentlicht am 13. Februar 2019
Business Intelligence 

New Features:

The UseAbbreviation property to the TextFormat.
A collection of UserValues values for the HTML5 viewer, in which you can pass your values for using in JavaScript or on the server side.
Support for user defined data in the elements (without data tables).
The new functions were added to the dashboards - SumIf and CountIf.
Exporting tables to JSON data.
The new function is added - QuarterName.
The ShowDesignButton option in the report designer.
The new property is added - NegativeSeriesColors.
DataFilters to dashboard elements.
The DarkGray style.
The Pareto chart.
The TopN property is added to a chart, progress, and indicator.
Support for graphic cells in the dashboard tables.
The V icon for indicators.
Interaction properties for Chart and Table Column.


Improved export of bool table values.
Some improvements in the text format function.
Support for the dark UI in the viewer.
Scaling axis headers for charts.

Fixed Bugs:

Dashboard support for the OnInteraction event in the viewer.
CacheMode = None mode for dashboards was working incorrectly.
Some bugs with filtering and expressions.
The error occurred with local library paths when project was published.
When renaming a style, it was reset in report components and dashboard elements.
A bug with layering of country names in maps.
A bug with data table cache.
DatePickerElement had some issues with date ranges.
A bug with duplicating dashboards.